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Don’t Handle It On Your Own: Why You Need A Termite Removal Service

If you've discovered termite activity in your home, it's time to hire a termite removal service. If you typically handle your own residential pest control measures, you might think you can do the same thing where termites are concerned. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Termites aren't the type of pest that can be handled with a bait trap, and a can of bug spray. That's because termites invade your home all the way through to the frame. Read More 

Fumigation Is An Effective Termite Treatment For Drywood Termites

It's important to identify the type of termites you see around and inside your home so the appropriate treatment can be started. For instance, subterranean termites can be killed with soil treatments while drywood termites are often killed by fumigation. Fumigation may seem like a lot of work, but it's a very effective way to kill off a termite infestation. Fumigating your home could save it from a lot of damage, so fumigation is often the best termite treatment, and the poison gas also kills other pests in your home. Read More 

What You Can Do If You Have A Problem With Rats

Rats are a larger pest to have to deal with. They could be in your house in large quantities, or you may have just a few of them. Either way, if you have these large pests in your home, you need to get them removed as quickly as possible before you end up with an army of rats in your house. Rats are foragers and will eat just about anything they can get a hold of. Read More 

Striped Skunk Control Techniques

Accessibility to the area underneath a deck or a staircase and the failure to enclose a vegetable garden could result in a group of striped skunks taking up residence. However, a skunk control plan can involve applying deterrents, closing off access points, and installing fencing or netting. Canvass The Property Skunks sleep during the day and become active at night. Although there is the possibility of being sprayed by a skunk while you are outdoors at any time of the day or night, it is less likely to occur during daylight hours. Read More 

Pest Control Services You Might Need When Yellowjackets Have a Nest in or Near Your Home

If you have regular pest control services throughout the year, you can avoid several of these problems with bugs in and around your house. However, summer typically brings an abundance of insects, and you might need additional pest control help. For instance, you probably don't want yellowjackets building nests under the roof of your home. Yellowjackets are common pests that are beneficial for the environment, but if you have allergies to stinging insects, yellowjackets can be quite frightening. Read More 

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