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Fumigation Is An Effective Termite Treatment For Drywood Termites

It's important to identify the type of termites you see around and inside your home so the appropriate treatment can be started. For instance, subterranean termites can be killed with soil treatments while drywood termites are often killed by fumigation.

Fumigation may seem like a lot of work, but it's a very effective way to kill off a termite infestation. Fumigating your home could save it from a lot of damage, so fumigation is often the best termite treatment, and the poison gas also kills other pests in your home. 

The Termite Treatment Gas Is Safe To Use

While the gas used for termite fumigation is deadly to insects, it won't harm your electronics or other belongings in your home. The pest control company lets you know what needs to be removed from your house, which includes things like food, plants, pets, and people.

When the gas is applied, it's mixed with tear gas. This ensures people stay away, and allows you to know for sure all of the gas has cleared out and your home is safe to enter. Plus, the pest control company measures the gas to make sure your home is safe for entry once the fumigation is complete.

The gas used won't leave poisonous residue behind either. It leaves no residue behind at all, so you don't have to worry about chemicals on your furniture or dishes.

The Gas Spreads Throughout Your Home

Fumigation is so effective because your home is closed off with a tarp before the poison gas is released. This traps the gas inside your home for several hours and gives it time to seep behind walls and get in your attic, basement, cabinets, and other hidden areas where termites are living and causing destruction.

It's important to understand that fumigation kills living termites at the time of the treatment. However, the termites might not die right away, and seeing termites for a few days after the treatment is possible. Since no poison residue is left behind on the wood, fumigation does not kill future termites or prevent another infestation. Your pest control company may need to apply additional treatments that work long-term at killing and preventing future termite problems.

You'll need to leave your home for a few days while your home is being treated, and you'll want to talk over the process with the pest control company so you know what to expect. By the time you are allowed to enter your home, the gas will be gone, and your home will be safe to enter and use, but you may want reassurance from the pest control company so you have peace of mind your dishes and surfaces are not contaminated with pest control chemicals.

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