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Pest Control Services You Might Need When Yellowjackets Have a Nest in or Near Your Home

If you have regular pest control services throughout the year, you can avoid several of these problems with bugs in and around your house. However, summer typically brings an abundance of insects, and you might need additional pest control help. For instance, you probably don't want yellowjackets building nests under the roof of your home.

Yellowjackets are common pests that are beneficial for the environment, but if you have allergies to stinging insects, yellowjackets can be quite frightening. Here is some information on where you might find these insects in your yard or home and what a pest control professional might be able to do to help.

Yellowjackets Usually Live Outdoors

Yellowjackets could build a nest in your attic if there is an opening for them to get in your home, but it's more common to encounter the pests outside. However, when yellowjackets build their nests close to your front or back door, there's a higher risk some of the insects will fly indoors when you open your door.

Yellowjackets can be dangerous because they have painful stings and they can keep stinging repeatedly. Being stung once could make you vulnerable to an allergic reaction if you're stung again in the future. Since the insects sting repeatedly, they are especially dangerous if you or someone in your family has an allergy to stinging insects.

You'll want any nests inside your home eradicated, and you'll probably want nests removed that are on the side of your house or under your roof. Other places you may find yellowjackets nests are on trees, behind the leaves of large plants, inside the walls of your house, behind siding, and inside sheds.

How A Pest Control Service Treats For Yellowjackets

The exact treatment you will get depends on where the nest is located. If the nest is in your house, the pest control professional will apply pesticide treatments and make sure all the yellowjackets have been killed, and then make sure the house is properly sealed. Otherwise, remaining insects will fly through your house and they might even eat through drywall to get out of enclosed walls.

Pesticide treatments might come in the form of dust or aerosols. If the nest is under the ground, the pest control professional might apply dust around the opening so the yellowjackets come in contact with it when they return to their hive. If the nest is hanging in the air, the pest control professional might wait until later in the day when all the insects have flown back to the nest and then apply a few pesticides.

When all the insects have been killed, the nest is removed from the area. If you or someone in your family is allergic to stings, talk to a pest control service about the things in your yard that might be attracting the insects and changes you can make so your yard is less inviting to them.

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