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Striped Skunk Control Techniques

Accessibility to the area underneath a deck or a staircase and the failure to enclose a vegetable garden could result in a group of striped skunks taking up residence. However, a skunk control plan can involve applying deterrents, closing off access points, and installing fencing or netting.

Canvass The Property

Skunks sleep during the day and become active at night. Although there is the possibility of being sprayed by a skunk while you are outdoors at any time of the day or night, it is less likely to occur during daylight hours.

Striped skunks are not good climbers. They are nearsighted and tend to use their sense of smell and tactile abilities to determine where food sources are. During the day, take notice of low-lying natural or manmade features that have been disrupted. 

Use A Deterrent

Any type of deterrent that you will eventually be applying to areas where skunks may have congregated should be made with natural ingredients to prevent damage to grass, crops, and shrubbery. A commercial deterrent may consist of small granules that smell and taste bad.

These granules are not harmful to animals. They will discourage skunks, however, from scavenging or making a nest on your property. Peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, and black pepper are some other products that will interfere with a skunk's sense of smell and taste. These products can either be sprinkled onto the ground or can be diluted with water and sprayed onto surfaces where you suspect skunks have been lingering.

Block Off Areas

Netting, plywood, or cinder blocks can be used to block off the area under a deck or a set of stairs. Netting or plywood will require the use of fasteners to secure each fabric or wooden panel to the deck's base. If you do not want to make a permanent modification to your property, stack up some cinderblocks along open areas that the skunks may be using as access points.

If your garden has been ravaged by striped skunks, applying a deterrent and installing a barricade will provide your crops with a double layer of protection. Standard fencing panels or netting that has been attached to metal framework can be used to construct a basic barricade that will keep the crops protected. A fence will require a gate and netting will require one unfixed fabric edge that can be pulled open when you need to gain access to the garden. To learn more, contact a skunk control service

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