Choosing Ideal Pest Control

Fertilize Your Property And Treat Yard Pests

Inadequate lawn fertilization practices could lead to pest problems. Use the tips below to perform an inspection of your property. Then, use strategic planning to fertilize your property and treat yard pests.


Improper fertilization techniques can cause lawn health problems. The poor quality of soil may attract some pests. Failing to mow grass or weed property could also contribute to pest issues. Perform an inspection of your property. Take note of landscape problems that need to be addressed.

An abundance of weeds, poor drainage, and overgrown bushes and trees could lure pests to some parts of your yard. Make a note of any flying or crawling insects that you see. If you will be treating your property with a pesticide, your observations will help you select a product that is formulated for the pest varieties that are present.

Organic And Non-Organic Fertilizers

Fertilizers add nutrients directly to soil. Organic and non-organic products can be used to effectively fertilize property. A slow-release product will gradually introduce nutrients to the soil.

Organic fertilizers include composted materials and manure. If you are looking for an all-natural way to improve the soil quality, set up a composting bin or purchase manure from a local supplier.

Soil Testing

A soil test kit will help you keep track of the soil's pH level. This type of kit can be purchased from a landscape material supplier. Some soil test kits feature a moisture meter. A moisture meter will determine if your lawn is receiving plenty of water. If you use this type of test and discover that irrigation efforts need to be increased, installing a sprinkler or drip irrigation system can be beneficial.

Pesticide Applications

After you purchase a pesticide product, you may need to prepare a mixture. Some pesticides need to be mixed with water. Water and a liquid or powder pesticide product can be added to a garden sprayer. Prepare a pesticide in a well-ventilated area. Do not allow your pets or children to be within the area where you will be applying the pesticide.

Many pesticide products contain strong chemicals. Use a pesticide product only in the areas where you have spotted pests. Spot treatments are easy to administer, plus will minimize the amount of chemicals that are introduced to your property.

Review the guidelines that are listed on the product that you apply. The manufacturer's suggestions will indicate how long a pesticide product will be effective.

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