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Don't Take Chances If You Spot Brown Recluse Spiders

If you notice one or more brown recluse spiders in your home, garage, or outdoor living space, it's imperative that you take action promptly. Its powerful venom makes this spider one of the most dangerous in the United States, and a bite to a family member or even a pet can be very serious. You'll want to find a pest control agency in your area familiar with brown recluse control. The agency's technicians will know exactly how to deal with your infestation so that your family is no longer at risk. You can expect them to take a multi-tiered approach to the situation, including using these steps.


Insecticide is an effective pest control method against brown recluse spiders. Your pest control technician will assess the area in which you saw one or more spiders, and apply insecticide to kill any spiders that remain. They'll also look at other spots in your home or yard that brown recluse spiders may find desirable. These spiders often enjoy being in shaded areas, so you can expect that the pest control technician will apply insecticide in various other locations with the goal of eliminating any spiders before they cause harm to a member of your family.

Sticky Traps

While the use of insecticides will be highly effective against brown recluse spiders, it's common for pest control agencies that specialize in the control of dangerous spiders to use additional techniques to get rid of the spider population in your home or outdoor space. Another useful approach is to deploy sticky traps in areas that these spiders may inhabit. These traps are essentially sheets of cardboard that are coated in a very sticky substance. When a spider or other insect comes into contact with the trap, it will be stuck, allowing the pest control technician to safely dispose of the insect.

Prey Removal

A pest control agency that specializes in brown recluse control knows that these spiders can be more plentiful when they have plenty of available prey in your home or on your property. Brown recluse spiders prey on several different types of insects, so the technician who visits your home will take varied steps to reduce the population of these insects. For example, they'll use various sprays that can kill the prey or cause it to relocate. Less prey in the area will decrease the probability of brown recluse spiders residing on your property in the future.

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