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Keep Getting Ants In Your Kitchen? Reasons Why And How To Control Them

If you keep seeing ants when you walk into your kitchen, this can get frustrating. These tiny insects can get into just about anything they want. Learning why you keep getting them is the first step. You can then take steps to get these insects out of your home. 

What Causes Ants

Ants are drawn to food, which is why the kitchen is a common area of a home that ants go to. You may leave crumbs on your countertops at night, which is enough food for these tiny insects. You may have crumbs on the floor or open food bags. To take care of this, wipe down the counters each night before you go to bed and sweep the kitchen floor. 

You should clean up spills immediately and clean well in areas where you prepare food when you are finished. Throw away rotten vegetables or fruit. Keep all sugar-based food, such as cereals, cakes, jams, etc. in sealed containers on a high shelf.  

Get Rid of Ants

Getting rid of ants can be difficult if you have a lot of them and it will take a lot of time. Using poison is the best way to get them out. There are poisons that you can purchase that are made to kill ants. They come in a squeeze bottle and are a thick gel. Squeeze the poison where you see ants and they will eat it. Some ants will take the gel poison back to the nest. 

You can spread borax powder or baby powder around the baseboards. Ants hate both of these things as they cannot breathe when they walk through these substances. If you have any openings, you should seal them up. 

Another way to get rid of ants is to clean. Ants leave a scent trail where they have been, and this scent is strong enough for other ants to easily smell. Watch the ants in your home and you will see the trail they use coming in and out. You need to use a strong-scented soap or bleach to clean this area to remove the odor.

If you continue seeing ants, contact a pest control company. They will come to your home and use poisons to kill them. They will also inspect the inside and outside of your home looking for entry points and closing them up. 

You must be diligent when dealing with ants but if you take the time and do the work you can get them out of your home. Reach out to an ant control service near you to learn more.

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