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How Do You Stop Ants From Biting You?

Ants are one of the most successful species in the world due to their social organization and their ability to adapt to a broad variety of environments. Ants enjoy infesting human dwellings because a human household gives them everything they need to survive. Some ants are simply a nuisance, but others can cause painful bites.

Ant Bits Can Be Painful

Most ants will only leave pimple marks on your arm if they bite you and the bite might not affect you at all. However, a fire ant can cause a painful, itchy blister wherever they bite you. Fire ants can be very dangerous and should be dealt with. You should also learn about various other types of ants that can cause painful bites. It's easy to step on them because they make their nests in open areas.

Some Ants Are Dangerous

The Maricopa harvester ant has some of the most toxic venoms in the world. However, they will usually not attack unless they feel threatened. If you're not sure if you have encountered Maricopa harvester ants, keep in mind that they're found throughout the west coast of the United States. They are also red or dark brown.

Most Ants Bite in Self-Defense

Carpenter ants are capable of causing painful bites because of the large pinchers on their heads. They are usually black but sometimes they are brown. They are referred to as carpenter ants because they prefer to live inside moist wood.

Flying ants are a type of ant that serves the role of mating with the queen. They are encountered most often during warmer times of the year. They are usually not interested in biting and will only bite if threatened.

How to Stop Ants from Biting You So Much

If you often encounter ants in your home and are concerned about getting bit, it's important to find out why ants are attracted to your home in the first place. Some species of ants are attracted to greasy foods and other ants are attracted more to sweets. Identifying the type of ants that are invading your home will allow you to develop a more effective pest control solution.

Ant pest control services can help you eliminate ants in your home. They will not only use treatment methods that are effective but they will also correct the root cause of why you have so many ants in your home. 

For more information about ant pest control, contact a local company. 

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