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Get Control Of Carpenter Ants In Your Home: What You Need To Know

Carpenter ants are larger ants that will chew through moist wood. Unlike termites, they do not use it for food; they use it for nesting. They will chew through the moist wood in order to enlarge their nests for their colony. These pests can create a lot of damage and headaches for you, as they can cause problems with the structure of your home. You need to exterminate these pests as quickly as possible to prevent this from happening to your home. If you have these pests around or in your home, read on for tips to help you get rid of them yourself.

Replace The Moisture-Affected Areas

You need to replace any wood that has been damaged by moisture. If you have damage to your home caused by moisture or a water leak, you need to make the necessary repairs to your home and replace the wood on your home so you are no longer attracting these or other pests to your home. Make the repairs to your home where the leak or moisture was affecting your home in the first place as well, such as a leaky roof or a leak beneath your sink, or if you have issues with humidity, you need to make these repairs to your home.

Spray For Ants

Spray your home to exterminate the ants you still have in your home. Use a pesticide spray that is best for carpenter ants. Spray the affected area to kill the pests that you still have in your home. These pests, even with the moisture issue repaired, can still damage your home. Spray the area and the ants themselves to kill them. Continue to spray daily to get rid of these pesky pests, until you no longer see them in your home.

Clean Up The Exterior Of Your Home

Clean the exterior of your home to get rid of these pests. Remove landscape piles and wood piles that may attract these pests. Other piles around your home such as cardboard, or overgrown landscape can all attract carpenter ants or other pests. Clean up these piles and clear the perimeter around your home.

If you have a problem with carpenter ants, you need to exterminate them as quickly as you can. Hire a professional exterminator to help get control of this pest problem and to help prevent any future issues with these or other pests as well. 

Contact a pest control company for more information. 

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