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4 Effective Methods Pest Control Professionals Use To Eliminate Cockroaches

Identifying a cockroach infestation in your house may come as a rude shock. Generally, pests tend to live near food and water reserves. Besides destroying food, cockroaches shed their shells, which can gradually disintegrate into fine dust, causing respiratory infections. They can also spread diseases by contaminating human food. Therefore, it is best to call professional exterminators to help eliminate the infestation. The following are techniques used by professionals to eliminate cockroaches.

1. Baits

Professionals generally assess the situation before determining the most suitable pest control solution. This eliminates room for guesswork and mistakes. For example, professionals can use baits to control cockroaches while preventing cross-contamination. The exterminators will put baits laced with insecticides strategically around the house. The baits attract the roaches, but they die shortly afterward when they eat the food laced with insecticide. This method may exterminate multiple generations of the pests.

2. Fumigation

If the infestation is mild, the specialists might recommend using fumigation. Fumigants penetrate cracks and crevices to kill cockroaches hidden in tight spaces. They are also less hazardous compared to sprays. The pest control company may schedule continued fumigation services to control cockroaches that might have survived previous attempts. Fumigation is also recommended in commercial settings because it is quick and effective.

3. Insecticides

You should avoid DIY pesticide application when controlling cockroaches because you can easily poison or apply the wrong chemicals. Sometimes professionals apply concentrated insecticides such as boric acid in potential breeding grounds like cracks. The insects will crawl over the dust laced in the chemical and ingest it while preening the legs. Other effective chemicals include hydramethylnon and oxadiazine insecticides. The experts will determine the species of cockroach roaming in your home before deciding what insecticide to apply.

4. Hygiene Training

For lasting results, the experts might recommend certain measures to prevent a reoccurrence of the infestation. Since cockroaches thrive where there are food leftovers and dirt, the professionals might instruct you to clean your house regularly and wash out appliances that handle food like blenders.

The exterminators may also help you seal gaps that serve as entry points for the cockroaches. You might also want to monitor the situation and report to the professionals in case of a re-infestation.

Controlling cockroaches doesn't have to be hard or complicated. As shown, reliable pest control services can help you achieve quick, effective, and lasting results. Therefore, consider contacting a pest control company if you see cockroaches in your house. For more information on pest control services, contact a company like Good News Pest Solutions.

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