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Protecting Your Property Against Termite Damage

Addressing termite problems will have to be an urgent priority for a homeowner that has encountered this problem. Otherwise, their home could suffer widespread damage as these pests feed on the wooden supports for the home. Not surprisingly, there are many homeowners that may not be comfortable with the idea of using toxic pesticides in order to stop termites, but there are still effective solutions that these individuals can use.

Physical Barriers

Individuals may not realize that physical barriers can be a highly effective deterrent for termites. These barriers are installed in the ground, and they will be able to block termites from tunnelling through the earth to reach the home. For the best results, these barriers should be installed on all sides of the home as any gaps in them could be an entry point that termites may eventually find. While the installation of these barriers may have some impacts on the surrounding landscaping, these impacts will typically be very minor as these barriers are generally made to be fairly thin, and they may be inserted into the ground with minimal excavation being required.

Diluted Boric Acid Applications

Diluted boric acid treatments can be another common option for preventing termite issues from developing on the property. While these are chemical treatments, boric acid is generally considered to be fairly safe as it is non-toxic to most plants and animals, but it can be very effective at repelling termites and other pests from an area. These treatments will need to be administered regularly as the boric acid will degrade and wash away due to rain and other weather conditions.

Baits That Inhibit Population Growth

Termite bait can be another safe option for eliminating these pests from the property. While there are baits that are designed to be lethal to the termites, there are others that can simply prevent the termites from being able to hatch more young, which can cause the population of the colony to gradually decline until the colony is no longer a concern. The systems that administer these baits are not easily accessible to children or pets, which can prevent the risk of accidental exposure to these substances. Additionally, only a very small amount of this bait is needed, which can minimize exposure in the event that these bait containers are breached or somehow damaged. While highly effective, these baits will take longer to eliminate the colony as they may not directly kill the termites themselves.

To learn more about non-toxic termite treatments, contact a pest control professional in your area. 

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