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What To Do If Honeybees Invade Your Property

Honeybees are the most beneficial bee species when it comes to pollinating plants and crops. But because bees inflict painful stings and cause allergic reactions, most people don't want them on their property. Honeybees can also damage structures when they nest within the walls.

If you are worried that you might have a honeybee hive somewhere on your property, then take the following actions immediately.

Identify if you have a swarm or a hive

If you see a large amount of bees in one area, then you most likely have a swarm on your hands — not a hive. When bees look for a new nest, they leave the nest with their queen. A honeybee swarm can contain up to several thousand honeybees. Swarms usually wait somewhere, such as on a tree trunk or branch, while bee scouts search for optimal nesting locations.

But if you see bees moving in and out of a single location, then you likely have a beehive on your property.

Seal all entry points into your home if you see a swarm

If you notice a swarm on or near your property, then the swarm may take up residence nearby, possibly even in your home. Because of that, seal up any holes that might give the bees access to your property. This will prevent them from building a nest in your walls.

Deprive the bees of access to sugary treats

Honeybees, like wasps, enjoy sugary treats like soda, candy, and ripe or rotting fruit. Make sure you clear away anything that might attract honeybees to your property, especially if you have young children or pets that spend time in your yard.

Don't seal entry points if a hive is in your home

Honeybees are excellent nest builders. They can create a hive inside a wall very quickly. But in doing so, honeybees also damage the internal structure of a house. So if you do find an entry point inside your home, don't seal it. The honeybees will only create a new entry point, which will further damage your home.

Call a professional to carry out a removal

Whether you have a swarm or a hive on your property, a professional pest controller can perform a removal for you. Since honeybees are so important to the environment, pest controllers usually remove them and relocate them somewhere else rather than exterminate them.

Are you worried that you might have a honeybee hive on your property? Then call a professional to examine your property and perform a bee removal.

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