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Key Points You Should Be Aware Of Before Deciding On Wildlife Removal In Your Property

An increase in population has significantly contributed to human-wildlife contact. In some areas, this has led to conflicts between wildlife and humans, leading to property destruction in some cases. Animals such as raccoons, wild cats, wild dogs, squirrels, and others look for food at people's properties. Such animals may end up destroying property and expose people to diseases such as rabies. 

To avoid situations where wild animals visit your property regularly, you need to clear all wild animal hideouts, remove all food and water sources, and seal all these animals' routes. However, before you take action towards a wild animal on your property, you need to know a few wildlife removal points so that you don't find yourself into trouble with the authorities.

You Require a Wildlife Removal Permit

At times, you may assume that the wild animal you are dealing with is too small to be of concern to the authorities. You should be aware that some animals are protected by wildlife departments. Therefore, before you decide on removing any wildlife from your home, you need to apply for a special permit used for wildlife removal. Find out regulations given by your state from the wildlife authorities.

There are times when the animal could be sick or maybe pose a risk to humans or domestic animals in your home. In such situations, wildlife removal services or homeowners are allowed to remove such animals.

Wildlife in Your Property Are Not to Be Sold

When you find wildlife or trap one in your home, you cannot keep it trapped for long or sell the animal — you are required to call in professional wildlife removal services for guidance or disposal of these animals.

Special Restrictions for Snake Removal

As snakes pose a danger to human beings, they are still under the protection of the wildlife department. As such, if you find one on your property, even if it may look non-venomous, contact wildlife authorities in your state and inform them before you attempt to remove or relocate the snake.

Releasing Trapped Animals on Government Land is Illegal

If you manage to trap a wild animal on your property, you may find it logical to release it on government land or in the parks. However, this is illegal in most states. There are guidelines on where wildlife should be disposed of, depending on your state regulations. Therefore, you should contact the wildlife department in your state to be sure of the state guidelines regarding trapped animals and where to release them.

Final Thoughts

For proper wildlife removal, follow the mentioned guidelines to ensure you do the correct procedure. However, if you aren't sure what to do, you should call a wildlife removal company for help.

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