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Dog Keep Getting Ticks? Tips To Get Rid Of Them

If your dog keeps getting ticks this can be dangerous for them. More importantly, ticks can get on you and inside your home and can be even more dangerous to you and your family. Before anyone becomes sick, below is information about this so you won't have to worry about your dog coming into your home with ticks on them.

2 Types of Ticks

One common tick is known as the American dog tick. These ticks are brown, and if your dog or you are bitten, it is generally from the female tick. They are most common in the spring and the summer. You can get Rocky Mountain spotted fever if you are bitten by this tick. These ticks are common in the Pacific Coast and the Gulf and East coast. You will find them in areas that have no trees but more twigs, brush, and grass. 

The brown dog tick is a reddish color and can also transmit diseases, most notably Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Your dog can also get a variety of diseases with this type of tick. This tick is found in any state and they love dogs more than people. You may find the tick in your home if your dog walks in with one or more on them. 

Remove Ticks

To get rid of the ticks, you should contact a pest control company. They will use a pesticide to spray outside on the grass in all areas. Make sure you ask them if the pesticide they use will harm your pets so you can keep them away from these areas for a few days. The pest control company will need to come out several times in order to kill all ticks.  The contractor will also spray inside your home if you have seen ticks there.

Along with this, check your dog closely and use tweezers to remove any ticks on them. The ticks may still be alive so kill them before you dispose of them. One easy way is to flush them down a toilet. Wash your dog's bedding in the hottest water temperature that you can. Thoroughly clean near your dog's bed and any other areas where the dog lays down. If your dog rides in your car frequently, you need to check there also. 

Ask your veterinarian for a flea and tick control spot treatment product to help protect your dog. Reach out to a pest control service near you to get help with your tick problem.

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