Choosing Ideal Pest Control

Keeping The Ant Population On Your Property As Low As Possible

If you have experienced ants getting inside of your home in the past, you likely want to take steps to prevent it from happening again in the future. Tending to the outdoor areas of your property helps to minimize ants from gaining entry to the interior of your home. Here are steps to take outside to prevent ant infestations inside.

Remove Wood From Areas Near Your Home

Ants tend to harbor in woodpiles and decayed wood structures such as sheds or beams from swingsets. These areas are not just pleasing to ants, but also to mice, termites, and other insects. If you have a woodpile on your property, move it to a location where it cannot be seen from your home. This ensures that ants are kept far enough away from your structure that there is less of a risk that they make their way inside of it. Remove damaged wooden items from your property completely or take the time to restore them with new wood pieces so they are less attractive to ants.

Search For Ant Hills And Eradicate Them As Necessary

Since ants live underground, they are not always noticed when they are present upon a property unless you know what to look for. Anthills, which are mounds of dirt that are built up at the entryways to underground tunnel systems, indicate ants are indeed living upon your grounds. If you notice an anthill, use a pesticide at the entryway to kill ants that are remaining inside. If you have pets or small children in your home, do this at a time when they are not outdoors for safety reasons. Another way to kill ants inside of their home is to pour boiling water on each anthill entryway you find. Do this several times so the hot water makes its way into all areas of the underlying nest.

Treat Your Entire Yard With A Proper Insecticide

If you have several anthills on your property or if you just notice many ants walking around outside, it is best to contact an ant control service to tend to your entire landscape to effectively kill off ants. This type of business has the right chemical agents to kill ants in their entirety the first time a solution is applied to your property. They also treat the interior of your home using preventative measures such as ant bait traps or sprays to keep insects from making their way inside.

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