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Get Rid Of These Things To Get Rid Of Roaches

Cockroaches are some of the most annoying household pests. They emit nasty odors, leave feces all over, and spread disease. But if you want to get rid of them, you need to be vigilant. Having your home sprayed and baits placed all over the place are just the first steps. You will also have to get rid of a few things in your home that may be attracting the roaches.

Open Food Containers

If you have any open containers of food, you need to cover them and secure them. This goes for things like bananas and apples, which you may typically leave exposed on the counter. Put them in the fridge or in a covered container. If you have food that came in bags or cardboard boxes, then you should transfer this food to secure plastic or glass containers. Cockroaches can chew through a cardboard box, but not through a glass jar!

Pet Food

You have to feed your cat or dog. But what you don't have to do is share that pet food with cockroaches. There are a few ways to make sure only your pet eats the food intended for them. Give your pet a meal, and if they do not eat it all, pick it up and put it away (in the fridge or a sealed container) for later. Also, when you buy pet food, store it in a secure plastic container, rather than in the paper bag it came in. Cockroaches can chew right through a plastic bag.

Crumbs and Food Residue

Cockroaches do not care if the little bit of ice cream left in the bottom of your bowl is warm. They don't care whether the pretzel crumbs on the counter are stale. Food residues and crumbs are sure to attract them. Be better about cleaning up your counters, rinsing your dishes before letting them sit in the sink, and vacuuming your carpets to remove crumbs. You need to starve those cockroaches out!


Finally, you need to get rid of extra moisture. How you go about doing this will depend on the source of the moisture. For example, if you have a leaky faucet, you will need to have it repaired or replaced. If there are some cracks in your basement walls, you need to have them sealed. If your home is humid overall, install a dehumidifier.

If you get rid of the things above, you'll also have better luck getting rid of cockroaches. Good luck!

For more tips for preventing cockroaches, talk to pest control services in your area.

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