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6 Urgent Reasons To Get Rid Of A Mice Infestation In Your Home

Although mice are tiny creatures, that doesn't stop them from being highly destructive once they get inside your home. If you don't act to remove them from your home quickly, a colony of mice can damage your home in numerous ways. Mice can also put your health at risk.

If you suspect you have a mouse infestation in your home, hire a pest control service to remove them as soon as possible. Otherwise, the following serious issues could soon occur.

1. Mice Cause Floods

Mice can get into homes via plumbing pipes. And if they move in and out of your home via plumbing pipes, they could get stuck. This could cause a blockage in your pipe and eventually cause a pipe to burst. Mice also like to chew on weakened pipes. This too could lead to a costly plumbing leak.

2. Mice Cause Fires

All rodents seem to like chewing on wiring. This is very risky for you and your family because if a mouse chews through a wire and causes a short circuit, a fire could result. Since mice are nocturnal, this could happen while you are sleeping, which makes this a very serious concern.

3. Mice Damage Insulation

Mice use insulation material as bedding for their nests. They also urinate and defecate in insulation material. Damaged insulation will no longer keep your home warm during winter. Your energy bills will increase as a result.

4. Mice Damage Furniture

Mice need to gnaw constantly, as their teeth never stop growing. This means they'll gnaw on just about anything in your home, including your furniture. They'll also gnaw holes in cupboards to get to the food inside.

5. Mice Contaminate Food

If mice get into your food storage and contaminate your food supplies, you could fall ill. For instance, if mice defecate and urinate on your food supplies without your knowledge, you are at risk of contracting Rat-Bite Fever. Despite its name, mice can spread this disease through their urine and feces. This disease can be fatal if you don't get treatment soon enough.

6. Mice Carry Parasites

Mice carry a number of parasites that can be harmful to humans, such as ticks, mites, and fleas. These parasites can cause deadly diseases like typhus and Lyme disease. This is why you should seek the help of a pest control expert as soon as you discover a mouse infestation in your home.

Mice can cause a great deal of damage if left to their own devices. If you think you have a mouse problem in your home, hire a pest controller to remove the problem before they damage your home and your health.

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