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How To Manage A Pill Bug Infestation

If you see what looks like small bugs in your house that roll into a ball when you bother them, you probably have pill bugs. Pill bugs aren't actually insects, but they look similar to small beetles and they can invade your home under the right conditions. Here are some ways to deal with a pill bug problem. 

Work With A Pest Control Service

If you are overrun with pill bugs inside or outside your house around the foundation, you may want to call a pest control service for help. Pill bugs aren't destructive to your home, even though they are also called woodlice. They also don't bite or cause harm to your family. However, you may have a hard time getting rid of them if you don't block entry points around your home.

Pest control companies often provide exclusion services where they seal cracks and gaps around your foundation. This keeps pill bugs from getting inside, but it won't cut down on the numbers outside. A pest control professional may suggest other steps you need to take to reduce the pill bug population on your property.

These pests can chew on plants outside and inside, so they are not totally harmless. You may need to have treatments if the pests take over your garden or if you have a lot of indoor plants and pill bug activity harms the growth and health of your plants.

Remove Damp Areas Near Your Foundation

If you have plants that grow next to your foundation and there is mulch surrounding the plants that keep the ground moist, you may need to rearrange your landscaping. Pill bugs are drawn to moisture. They live in wet clumps of decaying leaves and in piles of rotting wood and plants.

Make a border of gravel around your foundation or put down pavers so the area stays dry. Pill bugs stay away from dry areas because they can quickly dehydrate and die.

Fix Moisture Problems In Your House

Pill bugs usually enter your house accidentally, and most of the time, they die off due to dehydration. However, if your home has a moisture problem, the bugs may find a way to live inside. They might move in under a kitchen sink with a damp cabinet or they might live in your basement. They may also like damp cardboard boxes in your basement.

Dry out the problem areas in your home by repairing water damage and running a dehumidifier if needed. Pill bugs often alert you to water damage, and if they're attracted to the moisture in your home, other pests probably are too.

A pill bug problem is usually self-limiting if the pests can't find moisture or food inside your house and they die off. However, you probably don't want pests in your house, so you may need the help of a professional when you're dealing with a large number of pill bugs and you want them gone in a hurry. Contact a pest control service for more information. 

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