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Bed Bugs: Why Finding One Calls For Serious Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed bugs are a hard pest to get rid of, and you may have them in your home for some time before they are discovered. While you can buy items at the store to try to get rid of bed bugs on your own — sprays and powders, for example — you're best off investing in a bed bug pest control specialist instead. Here are some reasons why if you spot one of these small brownish critters in your home you need to call for professional care straight away.

Where there's one, there's many

If you happen to see one bed bug in your home, you can assume safely that you have many more either in eggs waiting to be hatched, more that are smaller and not identifiable as easily as others, or just bed bugs that are located in other parts of the home. If you see a bed bug — these critters full-grown are about the size of an apple seed and get engorged and rounded when full — assume you have many more, particularly if you're finding adult varieties of the species. If you suspect even a small bed bug in your home, call a bed bug pest control specialist right away.

How you control them matters

Bed bug pest control technicians are trained to handle large and difficult bed bug infestations, and since bed bugs can happen nearly anywhere — including hotels, nursing homes, and even businesses — it's wise to have them controlled as discreetly and professionally as possible. While you can do your part to help prevent bed bug infestations in the future by frequently laundering your linen and staying away from areas where bed bug infestations have been confirmed, you cannot fully prevent an infestation from happening. Once it does, inadequate treatments to kill the pests can cause a recurrence of the infestation, so how you control them matters.

These bugs cause serious issues

Bed bugs aren't all that dangerous on their own, and they're not poisonous or known to carry disease, but they can be a serious issue when it comes to skin sensitivity and other concerns. If you have anyone in your family who has sensitive skin or anemia or any other type of skin or autoimmune disorder, bed bugs can be more than just annoying. A bed bug pest control specialist will not only get rid of bed bugs, but they will also continue to do periodic treatments to ensure your bed bugs don't return in the future.

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