Choosing Ideal Pest Control

Pest Control Tips For People With Dogs

You love your dog. What you don't love is all the other creepy, crawly creatures who always seem to want to invade your home. From ants to cockroaches, these pests can destroy your house and threaten your health — and as a dog owner, you need to be especially vigilant about keeping them away. Here are some pest control tips to employ as a dog owner. 

Make sure the dog door seals properly.

Dog doors are really convenient for allowing your dog to go in and out on his own free will. However, if the dog door does not seal well, it may start letting ants, roaches, and other pests inside, too. Check the weatherstripping around the outside of your dog door, and if it seems to be peeling or chipping away, have it replaced. (You may simply want to buy a new door, depending on cost.) Clean around the edges of your dog door, too. Sometimes these doors accumulate grime from rubbing on your dog's coat, and that grime keeps them from sealing properly.

Feed your dog meals.

Some people like to leave dog food out all the time so their dogs can eat free-choice. This is nice for your dog, but it also invites bugs to share the meal. It is far better, from a pest control perspective, to feed your dog meals. Only feed what he or she will eat at one time. If your dog spills any food outside of his bowl while eating, clean it up right away. 

Wash your pet bedding weekly.

Dogs sometimes track in a few ant larvae, a couple of cockroach eggs, or some other pests when they come inside. These pests can accumulate on their dog bed and then mature, leading to an infestation. Washing your dog's bedding weekly will help reduce your chances of a true infestation.

Use topical or oral insecticides as directed by your vet.

Remember, fleas are a common household pest, too! The best way to keep them out of your home is to keep them off of your dog. Work with your vet to find either a topical or oral insecticide treatment that is safe and effective for your dog, and use it regularly. (Most products need to either be used monthly or every third month.)

If you follow the advice above, you should be able to keep your home pest-free in spite of having a dog. Talk to a pest control service near you to learn more. 

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