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The Winter Pest Problems That You Are Unaware Of Until You Have To Deal With Them

The winter months are a time when insects and many other pests are dormant or inactive, but there are still some pests looking for food and shelter. Therefore, there may be some pest problems that surprise you when you have to deal with them during the coldest months of the year. The following tips will help you deal with the surprise pest problems that you did not expect during the winter weather:

Animals That Cause Damage to Your Home as They Hunt for Warm Winter Shelter

There are a lot of rodents and other mammals that will try to find shelter and food in your home during the winter months. Some of these animals include raccoons, squirrels, and chipmunks. These animals will eat through roofing and exterior finishes to get into areas like attics, crawl spaces, and unfinished areas where they make nests and make themselves at home for the winter. Often, these animals are harmless and only need to be removed and relocated. Once the invaders have been relocated, take precautions to prevent them from coming back. Some of the things you can do include installing screens on gutters and chimneys or trimming trees and vegetation back away from your home.

Mice and Rats That Infest Your Home During Any Time of Year and Cause Serious Problems

Mice and rats are unhealthy inhabitants that often infest homes. These rodents are more active and noticeable during the warm weather when you may see them scurrying outside of your home. The problem during the winter months is that these pests often find their way in and cause damage, as well as bring bacteria and diseases that they carry inside your home. Therefore, if you hear scurrying in the walls and see rat droppings, you will want to have a pest control service take care of the problem for you before it gets worse.

Bugs That Call Your Home Their Home During the Winter Months Can Cause Serious Infestation Problems

During the winter months, a lot of bugs are dormant until spring, but there are still some that will infest your home during cold weather. Many different cockroach species can cause problems with infestations during the winter months. In addition, there are also common types of ants and even spiders that will remain active inside the warmth of your home during the cold winter weather, and these are some of the pest problems that you will want to address before they get worse when spring arrives.

These tips will help you deal with the surprise winter pest problems that you have in your home. If you need help dealing with unexpected winter pest problems, contact a residential pest control service for help dealing with the pests and preventing serious winter infestations.

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